Escapeville – Hotel Fariones

Have I spoken yet about the place I run away to?!… or should I say have run away to?!… Well now there is of course no necessity to run away from my life, now my life is how I create it to be. Now it is  a blank canvas on which I can paint the life and dreams I have craved!…. okay enough with the melodramatics, back to the case in hand!… Los Fariones.

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Lanzarote O’Clock: Hola mi amigos!

…So yes, there is many places in the world you would associate with great food and drink, culture and history. I would probably be right in thinking that Lanzarote is not the first that would spring to most peoples’ minds? Many years ago (Let’s not get into figures here, I have another birthday just around the corner and I am not happy!!) I visited this island for the first time – and something about it took my breath away – very very unexpectedly. I was like most holiday makers, with my chick lit book and my craziest girlfriends we headed over for a week of sun, sea and sangria!….

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