Barcelona Food Tour Girl becomes the Irish Food Blogger!


MY NAME IS MISTY – A.K.A Gamba Girl (The Food Blogger Girl).




Nice to meet you all! Thank you for taking the time to stop by on my page! I am a passionate, self-confessed big time foodie & travel-aholic, with a severe case of wanderlust since I was a child. I am currently working on my first novel and I am lucky enough to work as a food blogger and contributor for The Barcelona Metropolitan. I also work as a Marketing Specialist and Tour Guide (when they let me out of the office! ;)) for one of the biggest Food Tour operators in Spain, Devour Food Tours. Basically, if it’s food or drink related, I’m in! 

I am an Irish girl who ditched the 9-5 (well actually 6am-9pm) rat race and said to hell with it!… Life is calling me and I am definitely going to answer that call! (No voicemail option necessary thank you!!)

Food is in my blood. Coming from a family of restauranteurs it is a passion and love deep rooted within me.

A dining experience to me isn’t just about the food – although that is obviously very important. It is about the full experience, the atmosphere, ambiance, the quality of the ingredients and above all the passion it was created with. So I decided that I was going to travel… and eat! I am the Food Blogger to watch! 😉

I love to wander – meet the real people behind the real food. The food that you know has been perfected over years – passed from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, father to son. I love the stories. You know those stories! The ones that take you deep into your childhood imagination! They stick with you for years after you hear them, somewhere lodged in your senses, linking themselves to the best steak, calamari, mojito that you have ever had!

I call them my Food Tales!!….


Misty Barker Author Dublin


And of course – how else to capture all of these feelings, memories, and emotions other than with a pen and paper, or laptop of course! And so after originally coming to Barcelona to work on my own food tours, I decided to follow my one passion and dream, to be a full time writer. And so here I am – as they say, the rest is history. Food Blogger life captured me forever!


Misty Barker Personal Trainer


Coming from originally a health & fitness background (I know – the irony, right!) My past published work has been included in a number of different magazines and national papers, which can be found buried somewhere in Irish archives – let’s hope they stay there! Of course, being me – not typical health pieces! They all took a tongue in cheek look at all of the struggles many of us find ourselves in when we embark on another detox or health kick. (Should probably dig those back out for myself at the moment!)

Next up on the site, of course, there are many posts from my early travel days, before I became a food blogger when I first left the Emerald Isle. Full of my musings and random stories all told through the best medium, food of course. Not only that, but as you may know from having a little wander through my site, I also set up the first ever food tour in the Canary Islands, The Curious Camel. You can also have a little read about that. (If you’re really bored!)



 I have come on a long foodie adventure from Paris, to Dublin and Lanzarote, Barcelona and of course many other stops surprisingly along the way. I am a not only a passionate traveler but a hungry one too!Great Food Tales Food Group I LOVE finding new and fun things to do wherever I travel. Barcelona has so many exciting tapas bars, restaurants, and above all culture that it is where I finally laid my hat and now call home.




I am currently in the process of finishing my first novel, as always, I remain an avid food blogger and I can’t wait to show you all what’s coming next so make sure you keep checking in and subscribe to the newsletter. (Just below!)


Thank you so much for dropping by and make sure you keep in touch and say hi!

Hopefully, you enjoy my stories as I wander creating and scribbling memories of lots of my tasty memories!

Love & Gambas,


Misty Barker Travel and Food Writer Spain

Barcelona Food Tour becomes Irish Food Blogger!