Yes, it is true. The cocktail is back. And no one is happier about that than me!

Where better to sample some of El Born’s finest then at this little gem nestled in the heart of Passeig Del Born. Welcome to Creps al Born Barcelona.

Enjoy the best cocktails Barcelona has to offer at Creps al Born Barcelona!

There’s only a handful of places that I have been in my life that I have had the same feeling that I got the first time I stumbled upon this amazing place. This incredible welcoming atmosphere in a such a crowded small space. You immediately feel like you’re at a friend’s house party and everyone knows each other – or at least they want to! It’s quite an unusual thing to encounter in a major tourist city, like Barcelona. I have met so many friends and great people over the years, all because of a chance encounter right in this very bar!

I’ve been an avid follower of this place since I first ended up here. On one occasion, I almost missed my flight home, I was enjoying my time there so much! I blame those damn good mojitos!! And since then their constant stream of hilarious videos, family portraitsand creative and fun themed nights have kept me 100% charmed by all that they have created. To give you an idea – just check out this awesome little YouTube Video they created a while ago.

So, first things first! The interior. Which is a mish-mash of speakeasy prohibition style, throw in some Mexican inspiration & some old school retro details and you are not even close to imagining how much creativity can fit within this cosy bar space. At night the tables even fold down to fit some extra people desperate to pop in for a night time drink & fun. There are Hawaiian shirts hanging from the ceiling & a sign behind the bar that sums it all up. ‘The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind’.

The best staff at Creps al Born!

My favourite part?… The swinging lamps of course. Anytime something fun happens, perhaps a joke, a shot taken well, a great song – whatever it is – the lamps are swung and the bell by the bar rang in celebratory style. Cue the laughs, smiles and cheers from the over-joyed crowd – each and every time. Awesome. I am infinitely aware that no matter how I try to explain this in text – I will never be able to recreate in your mind just how incredibly uplifting the atmosphere is.

What makes that atmosphere a little better? The same thing that helps every bar, restaurant or café. The staff. And Creps al Born has possibly some of the best bartenders you will find in Barcelona. Fact. All as fun & friendly as the next and manage to give every customer a true ‘Barca’ style welcome. They will almost certainly ask where you are from and try to do anything they can to make you feel comfortable and have a great night.


Creps Al Born Barcelona2


Believe me, I have been here more times than I remember (literally thanks to their powerful cocktails!!) and there has never been an occasion where I wasn’t in awe of their incredible personalities and work ethic in creating the perfect space for their customers. It’s the type of place you wish you had studied mixology just so you could work with them. You know they all have fun every day here & they are like a big family. It is a winning formula.

Now – of course – the main reason they are there and you are here. The cocktails. The mouth-watering, jaw-dropping, insanely good cocktails. These guys really are first class and regardless of which lovely staff member serves you, I can assure you that it will be nothing short of amazing. There’s no thrown together drinks here. Each cocktail prepared is made with love, style, creativity & pure flair. If you choose the right one – you could even have a blow torch used in the preparation.

Seriously – it’s no holds barred when it comes to these drinks. Of course, you will find all of the usual suspects, from margaritas to their version of a Pina Colada (Yummmm) etc. But I implore you, to ask the barman for their recommendations. You won’t be disappointed.

Creps al Born cocktails

Creps Craft Cocktails

Their menu is separated into three areas – Fresh & Citrus, Tropical & Fruity, Deep & Bitter. Some of my favourites here have to be the all-time classic ‘Zombie’ which is made with 4 different rums, spices, pineapple & passion fruit & a little flame on top (why not!) This one really packs a punch – don’t get carried away ordering these though – unless you intend on a short evening! You have been warmed. Aside from the menu, there are different chalkboards around the bar with different special cocktails & doodles which are all innovative and charming concoctions that are all worth a try. Of course, regardless what you order it will be as beautifully presented as it tastes. The glasses/cups/decoration of each drink is always a colourful mismatch of just the right amount of cool, fun & class.

The ‘Pornstar’ which is a beautiful delicate cocktail similar to a ‘Cosmopolitan’ but with cava is one of my all-time favourites. Or if you fancy some Hawaiian vacation style in your day – order the ‘tiki’ style drinks which are served in a beautiful array of funky glasses/pineapples & other random offerings.

Of course – it’s not just cocktails. It’s all in the name of course. They serve a huge array of different creps varieties/mixtures & fillings all with fresh organic produce. Defo worth it for when you need a light bite to compliment all those cocktails you’’ no doubt be enjoying here. Just ask the guys to recommend something for your taste or grab a menu and be spoiled for choice.

Creps Al Born Barcelona Manoilto Flamingo

Pineapples & Flamingos?

You may notice there is a hell of a lotta’ pineapples and a random pink flamingo (who goes by the name of Manolito) These are two reasons why I totally love this place & what they do. It is so unique – and what they have done is so individual that you can’t help but want to high 5 their stellar effort! The pineapple apparently is an international symbol of hospitality and welcoming… That is the reason why in Creps al Born there’s always one somewhere… and maybe even a few more.

The staff will be more than happy to tell you all about their pineapple love on your visit – and no doubt with a smile! Next up, Manolito. Who I am not sure if he is still alive or not… (Not literally!) it gets hard to keep up! This little pink flamingo teddy has been hanging around the bar for years now. He’s been missing and comes back and as far as I remember the staff went all out and even threw a funeral for him! (See images below) He is apparently the mascot with 9 lives!!

But what Manolito in my opinion really is, is a symbol of the fun element. The fun element is what makes this place spark. If you are not enjoying the unpretentious atmospheric and friendly vibe – well then you need more than a cocktail. It’s an unbelievable mix of fun, frivolity and straight up creative flair. And if you’re on your travels in Barcelona – one definitely not to miss.

Best bartenders in Creps al Born


Thank you Crepes al Born for making us believe in awesome bars and of course for all the memories & smiles!

Love & Gambas,

Misty Barker Travel and Food Writer Spain