A hidden gem, a sun-trapped haven & tapas to die for!

I have worked in many offices over the years, but this one definitely comes up trumps…

I found this little restaurant on a random Sunday shortly after I moved to the island. I cannot believe I hadn’t found it sooner. It was a beautiful day – in the middle of January. A friend and I had been out for an afternoon stroll, which inevitably led to afternoon cava… which inevitably led to a bad case of the munchies. I have to tell you that Sunday is my favourite day of the week. It is a day of freedom, a day where everything should be about relaxing, friends, laughter and food.

As we wandered around the harbour – he began telling me of a restaurant tucked up on the hill top overlooking the harbour. As you know, I love my food tales, and this place has one of the most wonderful stories and histories.

Hidden away up the stairway from the port is this hard working local family run business, the way it has and will always be. The family are from Lanzarote and have seen the island grow and prosper and whilst they too have grown in popularity – the restaurant and its values have never changed.

One son is the fisherman, who catches the freshest fish daily and served as their special of the day, another son is one of the chefs who cooks it to perfection, whilst the daughter who manages the restaurant oversees it to make sure the standard is as great as the locals have come to expect, time after time.


Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well…


Coupled with the amazing wait staff and panoramic views that anywhere on the island would be hard pressed to beat it all adds up to one of my greatest finds yet.

And, I could not continue without mentioning the most fantastic waitress from the UK, who has even become part of their family and has worked there for many years. Laura has a way with customers and people that make you feel welcome and at home from the minute that you enter. I have witnessed her calming a child down in full blown tantrum mode to helping tourists understand the meaning of the word tapa – if Carlsberg made waitresses – they would bottle this one!!…

Now, where were we…

Following on from that first day, I fell in love with this place. It became my working office – I would regularly eat lunch here while I typed away on my laptop. Soaking up the beautiful views and chowing down on some of the most delicious seafood I have had on the island. Not once, could I say I have had a bad meal here. And I can be hard to please! (I know it’s hard to believe ;))

Their menu is extensive – although they specialise in seafood they have a huge array of meat dishes and also a tapa menu for sharing. However, personally to get a real taste of this place I would recommend their paella – which is renowned on the island and their mixed grilled fish platter which is nothing short of mouth-watering.


I could list the amount of dishes…

…but I would be here all day and you would be starving by the time you had heard about each one as to describe the flavours as they deserve would be just cruel if we couldn’t visit right this minute.

IMG_6181But let’s just say that on your next visit here you would be crazy to miss out on this absolute local gem. The restaurant consists of an indoor restaurant and open kitchen / bar area – however in my mind there is only one place that you should eat to do this place justice. Their outside terrace.

It is one of the most idyllic locations in Old Town Puerto Del Carmen. Overlooking a glistening ocean and watching the boats coming in and out of the harbour whilst the afternoon sun is beating down is nothing short of perfection.

This isn’t just a restaurant you visit once on a holiday, this is somewhere you will return to and remember again and again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Sit back, soak up the atmosphere, drink some beautiful Lanzarote wine and enjoy local island life.


Hasta Pronto!

Misty x


Want to check this place out on your next trip?!… Visit them here on their Facebook Page