So did I mention that I kinda like the odd gamba (prawn just in-case you didn’t know!) or two?!…


Well, If I didn’t, then let me tell you now!… I absolutely LOVE them!! It has become a running joke among my friends and family at this point. I am not quite sure how or where it actually began but it is quite extraordinary. When I first began food blogging the only pictures I was taking was of these beautiful dishes – smothered in garlic – drowning in sizzling oil – and just crying out to be devoured with fresh crusty bread….

(Oh God, I am hungry just typing!!!)… anyway my point is – my posts were limited – because lets be honest – I love writing – and I hope you enjoy my posts – but there is only so many posts you will read about prawns!!!… am I right!?…



I realise that you may be sitting there reading this blog thinking, ye ye Misty, we all like gambas, but I need to very clear here, this is no ordinary liking of a particular food! As I have said many times, food to me is so much more than that. Food is (without sounding like have an actual medical addiction!!) the centre of most things important, and no I am not just talking sustenance and survival here!

Food is for me, and many others, the centre of family, friends, love and life in general. It is a way of expressing ourselves, a way of expressing how we feel towards others and even on those rare occasions a way of making us feel that everything will be okay!!…

It is one of the things that I love in particular about Spanish culture, and actually as it happens, the Moroccan culture. When I moved to Lanzarote in 2015 – which is primarily Spanish – it became apparent to me that actually it is almost split quite evenly between Arabic and Spanish culture systems. Yet it is the one place that I have seen and experienced first hand two cultures, as strong as the other, amalgamating so seamlessly into  day to day life! It is incredible! But why?!… while many other European destinations are struggling with relations, Lanzarote is coasting through island life?…

IMG_6713 (Small)

I have so many friends now – that I would maybe never have met if I didn’t move to this island – no one cares where you are from or where you were born – yes it is your identity and it is respected as that – but it does not make you – you, it does not define or group you. Do you live in Lanzarote? Are you staying in Lanzarote?…. and there is the common ground, and the mutual respect.

IMG_6319       IMG_6677


That is exactly why!… It is island life!… Tourists are their focus – a common ground. They all want to keep the tourists and the island alive and showing its best. The food, the agriculture, the land – it is what we all have – what we all respect – and therefore what we all love.


“No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the world.”


Yes, I have slightly rambled on from my gambas point!… however the point I am making is – I love gambas!!… they are incredible, with oil, without oil, with garlic, with mushrooms, with eggs, on toasted breads… and everything in between – but it is a passion – not just a throwaway comment, or a temporary fascination – I won’t change my mind tomorrow! Just like the peoples love and passion for food, their families food & passed down recipies, their barbeques with friends, their restaurants, their Churro stops after nights out at 6am with the local men on their way to work…. All of it…


Food is love, Food is passion, Food is Life.


Hasta Pronto,

(P.s Off to find gambas!!) (P.p.s Did you know we were lucky enough to get a lesson in cooking my favourite prawn dish!!!… keep an eye out on the blog for the recipe and how I got on!)

Misty x