Have I spoken yet about the place I run away to?!… or should I say have run away to?!… Well now there is of course no necessity to run away from my life, now my life is how I create it to be. Now it is  a blank canvas on which I can paint the life and dreams I have craved!…. okay enough with the melodramatics, back to the case in hand!… Los Fariones.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R Tolken

Tucked away in a corner at the bottom of the Puerto Del Carmen strip lies my second home. It isn’t the most of luxurious hotels, so no need to bring out the finery just yet. But within it lies so many amazing people & comfort and a sort of home from home feeling amongst the lanzaroteon isle. Many people who visit here, have not done so on a whim, either from a recommendation or they have visited many times before. It is the type of place that you would rarely ever visit on just one occasion.

So here it is… The low down…

The staff are friendly and knowledgable of the island and every one of them is a Lanzarote native – which is rare for hotels. Recently there has been many a political debate as to hotels hiring staff at below minimum wage to reduce costs – well I can assure you no costs have been spared with the staff here. They are not only friendly and polite, they are also extremely good at what they do. That extends from chef to waiter to even the room cleaning staff, and of course how could we forget the management?!… No hierarchy power struggles here.

Okay so let’s take it from the top?!… Breakfast is a feast for your eyes and almost all bookings unless specifically requested otherwise come with this all included. From exotic fresh & dried fruits to standard continental breakfast – cava on ice and freshly made pancakes & omelettes – there is nothing they do not cater for, even dietry requirements. I have on many occasions been known to wobble out of the breakfast room… and no before you think it, it is not because of one too many cavas!!…. rather an overfilling of my stomach (another case of eyes being bigger than my belly!)

It has private access to its ‘own beach’ this is to be debated – as many locals here have an issue with this – owning a public part of the beach and naming it your own breeds contempt among many – however because of this anyone wishing to avail of the beach can gain access through the hotel – all the while passing by the terrace area – which also has a fantastic lunch menu on offer daily from 12-4pm. My favourite is the Fariones Salad – which I get every day I stay here, along with added salmon – which I have been told is the famous smoked salmon from ‘Uga’. – which deserves a blog post of its own so I will save you all my incessant whittling for now. The lunch menu is all of high quality – alongside the price, which is typically Eurpoean as you would expect from a mainly Irish / Uk populated hotel. Elsewhere on the island these prices would be viewed as outrageous to spend on lunch. But I for one will admit when on holiday it is a price I will gladly pay as the ambience & quality of food are both nil to none.

The hotel is about to undergo a total refurbishment – one that has been postponed on many occasions over the last 18 months, however we are assured that this is due to happen in May this year. The rooms are not quite the Ritz however they are clean, cosy and well equipped – it is apparently because of their lack of air conditioning and the ever increasing temperature on the island (All hail climate change) that they are renovating.

A piece of tranquility in a bustling tourist environment…

The hotel allows you to make use of its pool – which is one of the few heated pools on the island – which you may not think is necessary in this climate but believe you me – it is – as its sister hotel Suite Hotel Fariones next door, has two unheated, and oh boy are they cold! There is needless to say more than ample sunbeds to use and no scrambling at 7am pre-breakfast required to gain them! If you are so inclined access to Deportivo Los Fariones is also included in your rates here – which is a fully equipped Gym, with a sauna & steam room facilities, They also offer a range of classes – which I have indeed taken part in… Yes I did contemplate I would die before the end, yes I did contemplate wanting to die before the end but I didn’t!… and I would even hazard to say they were on the verge of enjoyable.

The only downside… if you can even call it that!

Dinner is served in the hotel every evening – along with a range of evening entertainment – although I love every inch of this place I will not even begin to try to justify either of these in my mind – neither of which I hold in high esteem – however the terrace bar still holds its same relaxing air of tranquillity and friendlieness until late. And neither take away from the beauty and haven that is, Los Fariones.

Perhaps a visit is calling you soon to our paradise?… If so maybe pop this place on your to do list!… even grab a glass of Lanzarotes’ finest wine across the road in one of my favourite little spots, Vino +, you would be crazy to miss out on either…

Catch my next post soon on their famous crab tapa!!…. (Mmmmmmmmm)


A proxima, Hasta luego,

M x