…So yes, there is many places in the world you would associate with great food and drink, culture and history. I would probably be right in thinking that Lanzarote is not the first that would spring to most peoples’ minds? Many years ago (Let’s not get into figures here, I have another birthday just around the corner and I am not happy!!) I visited this island for the first time – and something about it took my breath away – very very unexpectedly. I was like most holiday makers, with my chick lit book and my craziest girlfriends we headed over for a week of sun, sea and sangria!….

Eureka Moments

Yes, there was a lot of sangria drinking I will be honest, however we met some local guys (always a guy right!?) and they brought us to so many wonderful off the beaten track places that I fell in love with the island from that moment… (please take note the same isn’t to be said for the boy, what was his name again!!)


Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.

– Thomas Merton


It’s not hard to see why this place has captured my heart, the beautiful weather, undeniable island atmosphere, incredible people and let’s not even begin on the food! So far I have gotten to sample many delights…

Pescado Bocadillo (my weakness in life!! – and not something to be eaten in the run up to bikini season!!) Boquerones, churros con chocolate (basically a plate of un-rounded donuts I mean come on, my taste buds didn’t stand a chance!!) Prawns in hot garlic oil, fried local cheese… Ok, I am going to stop now… you should also realise I am gaining weight by the minute and thankfully I have just joined a gym which I will be frequenting daily!…


Aside from the food, my time here has really helped me learn so much, I am gaining a true perspective into their culture & how the food & drinks tie into everything the people here are all about and truly love.

Family is food, friends is food, food is love, growth, sustainability, total calm and all that comes in between. It is a means of expressing themselves and all that they do and are proud of. The families’ days are centred around the next meal, drink, social time with their peers or families or partners. For me obviously it is an integral part of what I do, always have wanted to do and so it has now definitely become a major part of how I integrate into society and well… for now, my new home.


Wish me luck, Bueno suerte para ahora (Good luck for now!)

Let the journey commence.

Misty (aka The Curious Camel) x